Timetable and boats

Transportation by ship to Illa de San Simón is included in the ticket price. 

Provisional timetable. The schedule may be subject to change (10/15 minutes). For that reason and in order to speed up the boarding process, it is very important you arrive to the port 30 minutes before your departure time.

Vigo: Port
Meirande: Centro de Interpretación de Rande

Timetable (departure-return)

Friday 21Vigo (14:45h-23:30h)
Friday  21Meirande (16:15h-22:45h)
Saturday 22Vigo (12:00h-23:30h)
Saturday 22Meirande (13:30h-21:15h)
Sunday 23Vigo (11:45h-22:00h)
Sunday 23Meirande (13:15h-21.15h)