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Sinsal Pass & 1 Day Tickets | SOLD OUT

Note that the ferry transportation to San Simón Island is included in the ticket.


  • Sinsal 2024 lineups will be different every day, and each ticket includes both attendance at the concerts and round-trip ferry  to and from the island.
  • The Sinsal Pass is valid for the 3 days of the Festival in San Simon: July 26,27 & 28.
  • 1 Day tickets are valid for a single date.
  • Both Passes and 1 day tickets include as well access to the Secret Concerts on San Simon Island and ferries.
  • All people (adults and minors) have to buy a ticket to access the Festival. Children under the age of 14 must also be authorised by a responsible adult, who may download it from the sales platform.


Passess, Day Tickets & Ferry Schedules

  • The Sinsal Pass with departure and return from the Port of Vigo will cost €155.
  • The Sinsal Pass with departure and return from the Port of Meirande will cost €145
  • Both Passes and 1 day tickets can be purchased from May 10 and May 13, respectively, on the only official tickets sale platform of the Festival (, which you have at your disposal on this same website.


July 26Vigo (14:45h-23:00h)50€ (sold out)15€ (sold out)
July 26Meirande (16:15h-22:15h)45€ (sold out)15€ (sold out)
July 27Vigo (12:15h-23:00h)65€ (sold out)20€ (sold out)
July 27 Meirande (13:45h-22:15h)60€ (sold out)20€ (sold out)
July 28Vigo (11:45h-21:45h)60€ (sold out)18€ (sold out)
July 28 Meirande (13:15h-21:00h)55€ (sold out)18€ (sold out)



Look out!: From July 5, all prices will increase by €5.