San Simón's Island

The archipelago formed by San Simón and San Antón Islands, located at the end of the Vigo estuary, forms a unique place in the Rias Baixas geography that stands out both for its spatial and landscape specificity and for the layers of history overlapped in it.

The oldest documents speak of a monastic center mentioned by the troubadour Meendinho in the Middle Ages. The island worked as lazareto fron 1883 to 1927 and as concentration camp during spanish civil war. Its declaration as heritage of cultural interest in 1999 served to start the rehabilitation and remodeling by the architect César Portela to become the space we know today.

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Rías Baixas

The Rías Baixas region is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, north of Portugal. It is the top tourism destination in Galicia: from Monte Louro (Muros, A Coruña) to Miño rivermouth.

There are several different ways of getting here. It is easy to visit since the distances between its various places of interest are not too long. This will help you travel around more effortlessly once you have planned your trip based on the different experiences, resources and/or programmes you wish to try: beaches, Atlantic islands, heritage, wine route, etc.

Beaches, rivers, gastronomy, art, sports…The Rías Baixas can be explored by different methods of transport. If you come to Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia, you have a extraordinary chance to explore Rías baixas. Visit Turismo Rías Baixas website and choose your way to explore this beautiful region.