First of all, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia is a music festival. 

It is not an indie festival nor a world-music or jazz event. The festival recipe sounds logical: concerts for all tastes.
  • Music

    A wide variety of sounds with protagonism of projects led by women, emerging bands, and artists who play in Galicia for the very first time. Sinsal offers a new experience around live music to artists: they cant reveal the show previously. In addition, stay on the island and direct contact with the audience.

    Artists that go around other prestigious Spanish and Portuguese festivals: from jazz to world music, from rock to electronic music, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia is a festival without complexes. For this reason, it proposes to the audience a secret line-up, a musical experience beyond concrete names.
  • An island

    The archipelago formed by San Simón and San Antón Islands, located at the end of the Vigo estuary, forms a unique place in the Rias Baixas geography that stands out both for its spatial and landscape specificity and for the layers of history overlapped in it.

    More about San Simón Island? Download here.
  • Secret line-up

    Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia line-up is secret. Since its first edition in 2003, the main commitment of Sinsal is to schedule artists that are starting their musical career or that show a big connection with the contemporary creation. Some of these names landed a few years later in the big festivals and concert rooms from around the world. 
  • Activities

    In addition to the program of concerts, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia proposes other activities to the public taking advantage of the daytime experience  in this extraordinary place.