San Simón's Sessions

San Simón's Sessions are a walk through sound memories from a hundred years ago. Few places like San Simón serve as much as an inspiration in this time travel through acoustic perception. 

We are an extension of technology for we think, feel and evolve with it. The seemingly archaic, pre-electronic cylinder record, whose spiral groove of sound indentations is etched onto a wax substance acoustically, without any electronic amplification, can today also offer us a new type of listening experience.

The acoustic recording process may be primitive by modern standards, but it captures the essence, character and enough detail to allow the reproduced sounds and music to be appreciated. 

Aleksander Kolkowski is a composer, violinist, sound artist and researcher born and based in London. he has explored the potential of historical sound recording and reproduction technology, combining horned violins, gramophones and wax cylinder phonographs, to make contemporary mechanical-acoustic music. We work with him in these San Simón's Sessions. Enjoy it ;)