From the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival we want to share an idea: the time has come to take responsibility for the management of our waste.  We invite you to discover #sinsalleavenotrace.

In 2018, six years ago, we published our first sustainability report on the Sinsal festival website. In that document we detailed and made known our commitment to the environmental, social and economic challenges of sustainable development.


Since then, and until now, sustainability has been one of our main lines of work. Thanks to the efforts of both the public and the festival team, we have progressively achieved the goals we have set. Evidence of this is that, in recent years, we have participated in many specialised forums and our experience has been taken into account in various studies and reports that have been published both inside and outside Galicia. In addition, we have received multiple recognitions, including the FEST Awards for the most sustainable event (2019 and 2023).


Between 2018 and 2022, in the reports that you can read and download on the festival's website, we recorded this effort to consolidate the missions we had set. Now, six years later, and from this continuous practice, we have reached a new conclusion: we need to renew the initial strategy.

This 2024 we update the sustainability policy of the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival - which is now The Sustainable Culture Pact in collaboration with other events and cultural companies in Galicia. And after carefully reviewing the protocol followed over the last years, we have decided to unify four of the six lines of work that brought us here, to tackle  #sinsalplastic-free, #sinsalsmoke-free, #sinsalandcircular and #sinsalandlocal. To all this, we also add a novelty, because we embark on a journey in which, to advance, we need to count on you: we invite you to discover #sinsalleavenotrace.


From the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival we want to share an idea: the time has come to take responsibility for the management of our waste every time we leave home with food or drinks, whether it is to spend a day at the beach or to attend a cultural event.


We believe it is time to send a message of awareness and responsibility in our daily lives and go one step beyond the festival itself. If we have learned anything in this race against time, it is that the future lies in learning to unlearn, change our mentality, abandon gestures and actions and get out of the comfort zone that has led us to this unsustainable situation which we must reverse.


In 2024, our commitment to sustainability is once again public and clear: #sinsalleavenotrace is an step forward in a model of consumption and waste management based on a mutual commitment. A shared effort between the festival, the public, the collaborating organisations and the sponsors in favour of the environment and the people.

We invite you to share and participate in this adventure.