Ferries: schedules and piers

To attend the Festival in San Simón Island, both with Sinsal Passes and with 1 day tickets, Sinsal has ferries for the public.


  • The Sinsal Passes and 1 day tickets include as well access to the Secret Concerts on San Simon Island and ferries.
  • The only access to the Island is through the Festival´s  Ferries (which you´ll certify with your ticket) from Vigo or Meirande piers. Access in private transports is forbiden.
  • There is only one ferry departure and return schedule for each pier ( Vigo or Meirande). You can check them on this same page.
  • Your ticket gives you the right to return to the same pier from which you departed. The return time that is reflected in the board is the departure time from San Simón Island.
  • Ferries from Vigo will leave from the port, Estación Maritima da Ria, pier 3, while those from Meirande port will leave from the Rande Interpretation Center.
  • You must arrive at the pier, both on the way out and back, at least 30 minutes in advance.


July 26Vigo (14:45h-23:00h)
July 26Meirande (16:15h-22:15h)
July 27Vigo (12:15h-23:00h)
July 27Meirande (13:45h-22:15h)
July 28Vigo (11:45h-21:45h)
July 28Meirande (13:15h-21:00h)