• The Festival
    • What is Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia?

      It is, above all, a music festival that takes place, over three days, on the island of Saint Simón (Redondela, Estuary of  Vigo). From the heart of the Rías Baixas we aim to offer a small sample of the most outstanding contemporary creation of the moment.

    • When was the Sinsal festival born?

      In 2003, the Galician promoter Sinsalaudio, responsible for organising the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival in Saint Simón, brought the first edition of the event to the city of Vigo with a series of concerts in various indoor venues in the city. Since 2012, as well as maintaining the local connection, the activity has moved to Saint Simón Island, where this unique and exceptional extension of the summer festival calendar takes place. In this link you can consult the historical archive of our events. 

    • Why is a festival for only 800 people so special?

      At a time of the year when so many musical events take place, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia, one of the smallest festivals of the summer, has found its place among the most interesting. Much of the attention it receives is due to its appealing location: the archipelago formed by the islands of Saint Simón and Saint Antón. Around this Heritage Asset (BIC), we design a unique experience in the whole Iberian Peninsula. The day begins (and ends) with a boat trip along the Vigo estuary. On disembarking, the island of San Simón welcomes, for a few hours, artists and public from all over the world. 

    • Why organise a festival with a secret line-up?

      Despite the difficulties involved in communicating an event every year, discarding, previously, the promotion of its artists, the Sinsal organisers believe that this gesture reinforces an increasingly necessary message. We want to place the public at the centre of our programme and contribute to sustainable tourism - if that is possible - by highlighting the need to coexit with the territory at a slower speed. Our dream is to share our passion for music and experience the thrilling excitement of welcoming the unknown.

    • How do we organise the Sinsal line-up?

      In each edition we present new artists from Spain, Portugal and Galicia. Also, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, we share international artists with other similar festivals throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Finally, we complete the programme with an exclusive selection of proposals from all over the world that play in our festival for the first time in Spain or Galicia. Each of these phases make up a final line-up that is diverse in styles, sounds and cultures.

    • Are there different artists performing every day?

      Yes. In the case of repeating a performance, it will be communicated it in advance, but always without revealing the name of the band or artist. Throughout the stages located on the islands of Saint Simón and Saint Antón, the performances take place one after another. Each stage has its own schedules and, at the end of each concert, the audience moves to the next location. We only programme two artists at the same time due to the need to offer greater ‘intimacy’ with some of the proposals, and this only happens once per day.

    • What other activities does the festival have?

      The organisers have planned a series of activities with the aim of broadening and reinforcing your experience in San Simón: guided tours around the island, itineraries to discover the history of the archipelago, exhibitions, gastronomy, talks, acoustic concerts, sports and workshops shape our alternative cultural offer.

    • What is the Sinsal School?

      It is the educational project of the Sinsal festival focused on the recovery of the 20th century sound memory: It was created in 2006 and, until now, it has gone through different stages: the dissemination of disappeared formats, the presentation of objects that are part of the history of sound recording, music workshops with analogue players...etc. In each edition of the festival we offer the possibility of carrying out activities related to this exclusive proposal of Sinsal.

  • Sinsal 2024: General Information
    • How can I attend the Sinsal festival?

      You can buy daily tickets or Passes for the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival through the official web platform Enterticket. Both include, as well as access to the festival, a return ferry trip.

    • What are the different types of tickets on offer?

      1 Day ticket for each date or a Pass which allows you to attend all the days of the festival.

    • What are the prices of tickets to the Festival?

      The ferry fare is included in the ticket, so you will see that for the same day there are different prices. The journey from the port of Vigo is more expensive than from the port of Meirande but, even so, the festival organisers want to compensate the weighted value between the two journeys in the final ticket price. Otherwise, we would have to penalise the journey from the port of Vigo. In the 1 Day tickets and Passes section of our website you can check the price of each of the tickets, which range from 45 to 65 euros depending on the day and the pier from which you are travelling.

    • When will the festival passes and tickets be available at Enterticket?

      The Passes will be available from 10 May from 12.00 noon, while 1 Day tickets will go on sale on Monday 13 May at 12.00 noon. The direct sales link will be available in the Tickets and Passes section of the website.

    • How can minors attend the festival?

      Due to the unique characteristics of our festival, it is necessary to comply with both the regulations of public shows and recreational activities of Galicia and the law of maritime transport of passengers. Therefore, the regulations to be applied are as follows:
      • Minors, 14 years or older may travel on the ferry and access the festival without the company of an adult, as long as they present their ID card.
      • Children under the age of 14 cannot enter the festival unaccompanied by an adult. In this case they can only enter under the following conditions:
        • If they are under 5 years old, the accompanying person must be over 18 years old.
        • If they are between 5 and 13 years old, the accompanying person can be a person over 16 years old (who has to present their ID card).
      Important: In the case that this companion is not one of the parents or legal guardian, it will be essential to present a consent from them accompanied by a photocopy of their ID card, the Family Book, where the minor and the authorising parent are registered, or the Certificate of the Civil Registry.

    • Do children from 0 to 3 years of age count as passengers on the ferry and like festival goers?

      Yes, this is stated in the specific regulations for maritime transport and the capacity of public events. Any person, regardless of age, represents a seat.

      Note: the island of St. Simon is a natural and built-up area. Along the islands you will find slopes, stairs and there is even a risk of falling into the sea. Therefore, at all times, children under 14 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by their parents, legal guardian or responsible accompanying person.

  • Purchase tickets & passes
    • Where can I buy Sinsal 2024 passes and One day tickets?

      On the Enterticket website. This is the only platform authorised by the Festival Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia organisers.

    • How the purchase process is organized in Enterticket?

      The service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are many people buying at the same time, we recommend that you try to refresh the website from time to time. During the process, those tickets selected by the buyer that have not completed the payment will be put back on sale again to the public.

    • How long will it take to get the tickets?

      It will depend on the number of buyers that meet on the platform at the same time. During the first few hours after the tickets go on sale, you must be patient before you get your tickets or passes. We thank you in advance for your insistence and patience.

    • How much time do I have to complete the purchase process?

      From the moment Enterticket allows you the access, you will have a total of 10 minutes to complete the purchase. After this time, if you have not finished the process, those Daily tickets or Passes will be available to the next users in the virtual queue.

      In order to complete the process on time, we recommend you: 

      1. Have at hand (and prepared) the information that you will be required in this process. That is, the full name and ID number of the attendees. 
      2. An email address where to send the tickets. 
      3. It is very important that before entering the website you plan the departure port that interests you the most (Vigo or Meirande). You have all the information about the ports on this website, in the Ferries: schedules and piers' section.

    • Why are some tickets initially marked as ‘sold out’ and shortly after they are on sale again?

      During the purchasing process you can coincide with other people making the same request. Due to the capacity of the festival and the number of seats available from each boarding port (the latter is a circumstance that occurs only in this festival), the available supply of tickets per trip is less than the demand. However, please remember that, at that specific moment, if the applicant does not complete the purchase process within ten minutes, these tickets will again be available to the public.

    • Do I have to register at Enterticket to buy tickets?

      It is not necessary, but registering will help you to purchase tickets more quickly.

    • How many passes or One day tickets can I buy at once?

      You can purchase, with each purchase process, up to a maximum of 6 Passes or 6  daily tickets.

    • How should I do if I want to buy tickets for children under 16 years of age?

      When you enter the Enterticket platform you will find the option that will allow you to select the specific ticket for minors under/or 16 years of age.

    • I purchased a ticket but have not received the confirmation email, what should I do?

      If you have any incident, please write us an email to festival@sinsalaudio.org. We will respond as soon as possible to your message and will try to help you with your query.

    • Once the ticket is purchased, can I change my personal information?

      Yes, the name and other details can be changed on the official sales platform, by clicking on the following link https://venta.enterticket.es/cambios

    • Where can I consult the general conditions of sale?

      The general ticket sales conditions for the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival are available on this website.

  • The ferry trip: piers and schedules
    • How can I get to Saint Simón Island?

      The only way to get to the festival is by boarding one of the ferries chartered by the organization. The ferry ticket is already included in your ticket/pass.

    • Where can I board the ferry?

      We have two boarding ports: the first is in the city of Vigo, on pier 3 of the Ría de Vigo Maritime Station; and the second at the Rande Interpretation Center in Meirande (Redondela). We recommend that you choose based on your mobility possibilities.

      Note: Bear in mind that the festival dates coincide with the high summer season and, therefore, traffic jams may occur for different reasons. Go to the pier ahead of time and avoid last minute hassles. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the ferry departure.

    • How long does the ferry trip take?

      From Vigo about fifty minutes and from Meirande (Redondela) about 20 minutes.

      Note: We recommend that, before purchasing your ticket, you analyze the schedules and choose the port that best suits your needs, especially if you attend the festival in the company of minors. Keep in mind that the Meirande-Saint Simón route is much shorter than the Vigo-Saint Simón route; and that the departure time from the port of Meirande is later than from Vigo (and, at the end of the festival, the ferries to Meirande are the first to return from the island).

    • Where is Pier 3 of the boarding port in Vigo?

      At the Ría de Vigo Maritime Station, located on Calle Cánovas del Castillo and a few meters from the Old Quarter of the city. It is also the area where ferries that leave – or arrive – to other regular destinations such as Cangas, Moaña and Cíes Islands dock, so in the high summer season the docks have a large influx of public.

    • Where is the boarding port in Meirande?

      The Meirande pier, in the Rande Interpretation Center, Redondela, is located in the Rande Channel, the former Alemán Factory, 10 km from Vigo. Here is how to get to Meirande,

      • From Pontevedra on the AP9
      - Cross the Rande Bridge.
      - Take exit 151 of the AP9 (Teis-Chapela) and take the N-552 to Redondela.
      - After passing the Rande roundabout, travel 1 km along the N-552 towards Redondela. When you find an old electricity transformer tower, turn left  towards the Meirande Interpretation Center.
      - The parking lot (signposted by the festival organization) is located on the containers yard of the former Duchess company.

      • From Redondela along the national road N-552
      - When you drive on the N-552 towards Vigo, although the turn-off to Meirande is on your right, you cannot make the turn, so you must go straight on and change direction at the Rande roundabout.
      - Next, travel 1 km along the N-552 towards Redondela. When you find an old electricity transformer tower, turn left  towards the Meirande Interpretation Center.
      - The parking lot (signposted by the festival organization) is located on the containers yard of the former Duchess company.

      • From Vigo on the AP9
      - Take exit 148 of the AP9 (Redondela) and take the N-552 to Redondela.
      - After passing the Rande roundabout, travel 1 km. on the N-552 towards Redondela. When you find an old electricity transformer tower, turn left towards the Meirande Interpretation Center.
      - The parking lot (signposted by the festival organization) is located on the containers yard of the former Duchess company.

      • From Vigo on the national road N-552
      - Take the N-552 towards Chapela-Redondela.
      - After passing the Rande roundabout, travel 1 km. on the N-552 towards Redondela. When you find an old electricity transformer tower, turn left  towards the Meirande Interpretation Center.
      - The parking lot (signposted by the festival organization) is located on the containers yard of the former Duchess company.

    • Is there a car park near the Meirande pier?

      Yes, it is located in the container yard of the former Duchess company and is about two hundred metres from the pier where you take the ferry The route from the turn-off on the N-552 to the car park will be signposted by the organisers.

    • What is the round-trip schedule for ferries from Vigo?

      • On Friday, July 26, the ferry will leave the port of Vigo at 2:45 p.m. and return from Saint Simón at 11:00 p.m.
      • On Saturday, July 27, the ferryt will leave the port of Vigo at 12:15 p.m. and return from Saint Simón at 11:00 p.m.
      • On Sunday, July 28, the ferry will leave the port of Vigo at 11:45 a.m. and will return from Saint Simón at 9:45 p.m.

      Remember that the schedules are approximate and may be subject to change. We recommend that you follow our social networks and check your email.

    • What is the round trip schedule for ferries from Meirande, Redondela?

      • On Friday, July 26, the ferryt will leave Meirande dock at 4:15 p.m. and return from Saint Simón at 10:15 p.m.
      • On Saturday, July 27, the ferry will leave Meirande dock at 1:45 p.m. and return from Saint Simón at 10:15 p.m.
      • On Sunday, July 28, the ferry will leave the Meirande dock at 1:15 p.m. and return from Saint Simón at 9:00 p.m.

    • What happens if I miss the boat that should take me to Saint Simón Island?

      The organization is not responsible for the people who are left ashore due to late arrival at the boarding ports. Remember that you must arrive 30 minutes in advance at  the boarding pier because it is the best way to ensure your trip. We recommend travelling with plenty of time. At the Vigo Maritime Station (or surrounding areas) you have a wide range of hospitality services and in Meirande you can visit the interpretation center.

    • Can I change my departure or arrival port?

      No. The departure and arrival ports are those reserved with the purchase of your ticket/pass. If you try to change, either on the outward or return journey, you will not pass the respective access controls to the ferry.

    • What happens if I miss the return ferry?

      If you miss the ferry back to the coast, we'll have a problem: you can't stay on the island. If this situation arises, we will provide you with a special boat from the island to the Cesantes (Redondela) port; but this extra expense that would be generated due to irresponsibility must be assumed by each passenger and will cost 50 euros per person.

    • How much time do I have from the end of the last concert until my ferry leaves the island?

      The return time of your ferry from Saint Simón is the one that appears on your ticket, so you must show up at the pier 30 minutes in advance. If you do not know the island of Saint Simón, we inform you that the stage that closes each day of the festival is just a few meters from the boarding pier (between 25 and 75 meters depending on its location).

      The first passengers to leave the island are those heading to the port of Meirande. In any case, unless it is an exceptional situation (such as bad weather), we do not give permission to the ferries to leave until the festival ends. If there are no incidents, the last concert always ends before we start embarking the public.   In addition, during the departure from the island, the organization keeps the public informed over loudspeaker system.

    • Can I leave the island in case of an emergency?

      Yes. The festival has an emergency protocol. For any unforeseen personal or health problems, contact the organization and we will activate your departure. This internal festival service can only cover short journeys, so the reference port in case of evacuation is Cesantes (Redondela).

  • The stay on the island
    • What should I bring to Festival Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia?

      Check the weather before going to the festival. Don't forget that you are going to an island so the wind chill may drop the temperature a few degrees compared to the coast. If the weather is good, a hat or cap and sunscreen are appreciated. On the contrary, if rain threatens, a raincoat is a must. And in any case, the best advice we can give you is to always take a jacket or sweater with you. It is important to wear comfortable shoes, but without overlooking that the ground is uneven and there is a lot of vegetation: protect your feet and avoid beach shoes. And if you want to sit or lie on the ground, we recommend that you bring a towel or picnic blanket, for example.

      This year we encourage you to come with your REUSABLE FESTIVAL KIT; that is: a reusable glass from another festival, cloth napkin, picnic plate, fork and spoon for various uses. You must take all this material back home with you.

    • Is it necessary to bring water to the festival?

      On the island of Saint Simón there is drinking water in fountains and toilets, so we encourage you to bring your reusable glass.

      If you think the tap water is hot or you don't like its taste, we will provide you with free ice or lemon. And, if despite having drinking water, you decide to come with your water, remember that it must be in a plastic bottle and that at access control we can remove the cap for security reasons.

    • Can I bring food and drinks to the festival?

      During the festival there is a varied gastronomic offer that includes vegetarian and vegan options. However, you can come with your food – or non-alcoholic drink – with the following conditions:
      • Due to safety regulations, the bottles must be plastic and have a screw cap (which can be removed when accessing the island).
      • It is also forbidden to bring glass, metal, etc. containers into the festival.

      • If you are traveling with children or need access for any special items, please contact us.
      • If you have any food intolerance, we recommend that you bring your own food in case the festival offer is not to your taste.

    • Should I bring cash? Are there POS terminals?

      The official currency of the festival is the Nemo, which you can exchange for euros at the festival offices. During the day, and up to half an hour before the departure of your ferry (remember that you must show up at the pier 30 minutes in advance), you can exchange any remaining currency for euros. In addition, in all services we will have POS terminals in case you prefer to pay by card.

    • How is accessibility on the island?

      At Sinsal we work to make our festival an inclusive and accessible event. From the organization we are at your disposal and we will facilitate your stay in everything we can. However, if you need a specific service and have questions, please write to us at festival@sinsalaudio.org with the subject "ACCESSIBILITY" and we will contact you as soon as possible.

      If you are a person with reduced mobility, you should know:
      • The island has specific toilets in several buildings.
      • Although the ferry trip is guaranteed, it is important that you write us an e-mail to festival@sinsalaudio.org with the subject “ACCESSIBILITY”, because in some areas of the island, such as the pier or the bridge, the pavement is irregular. This information will allow us to help and collaborate in any possible way.
      • In most stages there are no visibility problems and we will always facilitate access to a preferential place.

    • Can I bring pets?

      No, except for guide dogs. Please write to us in advance at festival@sinsalaudio.org with the subject "ACCESSIBILITY" and we will contact you.

    • Can I swim on the island or arrive by boat?

      No, both are forbidden. This is an internal regulation of the island of Saint Simón.

    • Can I take photos or record videos during the festival?

      Taking photographs is permitted as long as they are taken without profit and protecting the right to privacy of the rest of the public.
      Note: if you want to cover the event, remember that you must first request your accreditation through the email prensa@sinsalaudio.org. 

    • Is there a lost property point? How can I get them back after the festival?

      Yes, in the administration offices during the festival. You can also write us an email to festival@sinsalaudio.org with the subject “LOST OBJECT”.

    • What do I have to do if I want to file a complaint?

      You can visit our offices during the festival and ask for a complaint form; but you can also send an email to festival@sinsalaudio.org with the subject ‘COMPLAINT’.

    • Haberá papeleiras nas que depositar os meus residuos e as miñas cabichas?

      Unha das grandes novidades da nova edición de Sinsal é que desaparecen as papeleiras da illa. Todos os residuos xerados polo festival recolleranse e separaranse nun único punto habilitado pola organización, pero a recollida e xestión de residuos alleos ao evento, como as cabichas, deben de saír da illa coas persoas que os xeren. 
  • #sinsalnotrace
    • What is #sinsalnotrace?

      It is an initiative with which we invite you to think about and participate when managing waste every time we leave the house: at the beach, in the mountains, at a festival, etc. It is based on the 3Rs theory: reduce, reuse, recycle. At Sinsal we apeal to a mutual commitment, a shared effort between the festival, the public and the collaborating organisations and sponsors for the benefit of the environment and people.

    • How can I participate in #sinsalnotrace?

      We encourage you to come to the festival with your reusable FESTIVAL KIT; that is: a glass, cloth napkin, picnic plate, fork and spoon for various uses (as long as they are not made of glass or metal). You must take all this material back, wash it at home and leave it ready for your next outing. We know that, at first, this practice may seem silly, but we are sure that, in time, this kit will become part of our personal travel items.

    • What other measures will we have within #sinsalnotrace?

      In this edition we will incorporate new elements to the reusable tableware of the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia festival. In addition to the plate and glass, this year you can reserve cups and cloth napkins. They will be at your disposal upon a temporary deposit that you can recover if you return them at the collection point (Point R) up to half an hour before the departure of your ferry. 

    • What do we call Point R?

      One of the main novelties of Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia 2024 will be that this year there will be no rubbish bins on the island. The waste we generate from the festival itself will be collected and separated at a single point, called Point R (Punto R), located next to the cafeteria (see map). In this space we will also collect the glasses, plates and other reusable objects used during the festival.

      Remember that each person is responsible for their waste. We will take care of ours and each person attending the festival should do the same (whenever possible) with the things brought from home. In practice, we will also manage those that come from outside with the same enthusiasm and commitment, but remember: the sooner we change certain practices, the sooner we will reduce this senseless waste.

    • What is the festival-goer's handbook of good practice?

      • Whenever possible, use public transport or carpool to the port of embarkation.
      • Avoid carrying objects and materials that cannot be reused. For example: replace cling film, plastic bags or aluminum foil with a tupperware. If it is not possible, take that waste back because it is your “property”.
      • If we take ‘waste’ with us when we travel, it is our responsibility to manage and recycle it at home. Every summer, we find the usual sight on our beaches or in our ports of embarkation: litter bins overflowing with packaging. If we want to ensure separate recycling, the only solution is to do it at home. Remember: avoid single-use materials and, if this is not possible, take responsibility for their recycling management.   
      • Bring your own reusable tableware (glass, cutlery, plate, napkin, etc.) as long as it is not made of glass or metal. Remember that, due to safety regulations, it is not allowed to bring reusable bottles with caps on the island.
      •  If you don't want or can't bring your tableware to the festival, request ours. You must leave a deposit that you can recover by returning the objects to Point R up to half an hour before the departure of your boat.
      • Don't carry with plastic water bottles. Instead, put a glass you have around the house in your backpack. It is more comfortable and you can, for example, drink water from the fountains on the island. You can count on us if you want ice or a slice of lemon. On the Sinsal 2024 map you will find the drinking water points.
      • Turn off the tap when washing your hands or filling your glass with drinking water.
      • Consume responsibly. If you have leftover food, share it or take it back home.
      • If you smoke, use the designated areas and make sure not to throw cigarette butts on the ground. Travel with your portable ashtray and empty it at home.
      • Leave the place as clean and tidy as you found it. Let's leave #sinsalnotrace.