Sustainable Management of the Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Festival

To enhance sustainability in all our events, Sinsalaudio is now in the process of implementing a Sustainability Management System, within wich we have developed our sustainability policy. 

Our commitment to celebrating sustainable events means that we should reconcile three different aspects of our present activities: social- environmental- economic. As a starting point for the sustainable management of the festival we have carried out a sustainability diagnosis, whereby we have been able to identify –among other aspects- which activities and services have or should have more impact in matters of social, environmental and economic issues, facing both internally and externally, as well as the key areas that generate said impacts and in wich phases of the festival.

Evidence of this has been the following figure, that serves as the base for the analysis of the environmental impacts: which ones? Where and how do they grow? what is their importance?

As a result of the analysis of all sustainability aspects linked to the festival, we are designing a series of actions for each of the three areas, we will keep you informed of developments in this project.