For Sinsalaudio, and all of its events, sustainability is mandatory. Moreover, when talking about the festival Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia, which takes place on San Simón Island, viability turns into a must.

As a step forward in our commitment to celebrating environmentally sustainable events, we encourage all institutions and individuals to take part in such task by promoting the following sustainability policy:

According to Sinsalaudio, a sustainable event is:

“Close, collaborative, social, open-ended, educational, respectful with both people and environment as well as focused on the preservation and promotion of the natural heritage.”

Sustainability in all directions: from a social, environmental and economic view as a driving force of change for today’s social scene. Sinsalaudio is committed to environmental sustainability at all levels, and especially when the fields of equality, gender diversity, social inclusion and non-discrimination become part of the objectives.

This policy is a declaration of our pledge to organise sustainable events, and also the acknowledgement of those activities as a negative impact for the environment, that’s where the promise of minimizing such impact comes from.

To achieve this, we spend the whole year searching for more tenable activities to be integrated into our ethical practices. Our aim is to take any innovative solutions out there to be able to create a significant impact (equality, diversity, environmental).

At the same time, we want to spread our thinking throughout all people and institutions working with us, in order to share efforts and learning together. We want to change the rules for the purpose of building a more positive behaviour.

To ensure the sustainability, we focus all our efforts on:

  • Handle relations with social responsibility, equity and transparency.
  • Reducing CO2 outputs, and also waste while managing its disposal.
  • Boosting the local economy and promoting responsible consumption.
  • Complying with rules and regulation applicable.

Likewise, we want to undertake a commitment to the policy referred above and its enhancement. We work in every review and procedure, just like in the analysis of our goals to spread these values to all people involved.

Vigo, March 1, 2018
Julio Gómez and Luis Campos, Sinsalaudio managers.

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