Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia and Milhões de Festa set up a joint payment

Same payment for two festivals? One located in Galicia and another in Portugal? It looks like it is. The Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival (21-23 July, island of San Simón, Redondela, Galicia) and Milhões de Festa (20-23 July, Barcelos, Portugal), will set up a joint payment in 2017. This festivals have some things in common and this ticket allows to combine two of the most prestigious festivals of the peninsula, one on each side of the Miño river. The ticket Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival – Milhões de Festa will allow you to attend both events on Friday 21 and Barcelos on Saturday 22.

The affinities between two events cannot be hidden. The directors of Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival, Julio Gómez and Luis Campos, affirmed in many occasions that the line-up and the philosophy of the festival have a “soul mate” in Barcelos. The Milhões de Festa Festival is promoted by Lovers & Lollypops since 2006 and it has a dimension and a considerably greater attendance (approximately 5.000 people per day) than Galician festival. Both festivals share musical references from all over the world and they love different artistic expressions. Also, the aquatic environment is the key point in both festivals. In the island of San Simón, the sea of Vigo estuary and in Barcelos the pool, which is the central area of live music in this festival.

Teams of both events took the first step in 2017, after a while talking about allying and doing joint initiatives. Adding connections between the Galician and Portuguese musical scenes and building a bridge between festivals are their main objectives. This allows you to attend both events that are approximately 115 km apart from each other. There will be a stage of Milhões de Festa in San Simón and a stage of Sinsal in Barcelos. People who buy the ticket could enjoy the concerts during the day that Sinsal provides for Friday 21 July. The event will end around ten at night and the line-up will be secret until you reach the island. Then, that people could resume live music the same day in the Milhões de Festa Festival and access to the festival in Barcelos on Saturday 22 July. The ticket has limited capacity and a starting price of 55 Euro. In accordance with festival rules, camping during the two days in the Milhões de Festa Festival will be free.
Joint payment Sinsal and Milhões 2 days ticket Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival (island of San Simón, Redondela, Galicia) + Milhões de Festa Festival (Barcelos, Portugal).
Access to the two festivals on Friday 21 July and access to Milhões de Festa on Saturday 22 July. 55 Euro. As of 07/07: 65. Limited Capacity. Up to the age of 16 (included): 14 Euro. As of 07/07, 16. Limited capacity. On sale since April 18 in