Anechoic Sessions with Javier Martín and Juanma Lodo

A very curious proposal: the Anechoic Sessions of Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia. They will appear with dance and electronics, along with Javier Marín and the multimedia artist Juanma Lodo. It will be on Friday 26th May, in the morning, at Escola de Telecomunicacións (School of Telecommunications Engineering), Universidade de Vigo. Limited capacity.

So, this is how Javier Martín presents the proposal, with a research about what could be a new kind of choreography: “An exercise of live composition. Creation and research in communion with movement textures through the physical concentration that is proposed by the device in connexion with the development of a new choreography, ‘black method’ (premiere 2008). An exercise of kinaesthetic refinement. A work that deals with silence, from the assumption of the intensity and duration of our own body, to the surrender to the movement that sustains its own aspects, disarticulating rhythms and patterns”.

The multimedia artist Juanma Lodo will be the one “involved” with the sound in this anechoic session. The semi-anechoic chamber is a space designed and covered to absorb the sound and electromagnetic waves. A room, in Escola de Telecomunicacións of Universidade de Vigo, where there is practically no echoes or reverberations. The live performace requieres care and adaptation; a challenge to the musicians. This is one of the activities that the festival schedules every year in collaboration with Universidade de Vigo and research centre AtlanTIC. The ticket is for free, the sessions at 11h. and at 12h. The capacity is very limited. People interested on it should write to