The Partisan Seed open the anechoic sessions of the Sinsal Son EG 15

The Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival received in Barcelona one of the Iberian Festival Awards by its program of activities fifteen days ago. As another part of the festival, the sessions in the anechoic chamber of the University of Vigo will begin on 31 March. The Partisan Seed, the project of the Barcelos musician Filipe Miranda, also launches a line of collaboration between Milhões de Festa Festival and Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival, that reaches its fifteenth edition. The passes will be at 11 AM and 12 AM in the Faculty of Telecommunications. Mecanismo ruso will be the next to enter the chamber on 28 April. Later, concretely on 26 May, will arrive a proposal with dance and electronics of Juan Lodo and Javier Martín.

The semi-anechoic chamber is a designed and coated space to absorb sound and electromagnetic waves. We are talking about a room in the Faculty of telecommunications of the University of Vigo in which there is practically no echo or reverberations. Live performances require a lot of care and adaptation, it is a real challenge for musicians. This is one of the activities that the festival organizes annually with the collaboration of the University of Vigo and AtlanTIC, the research center. Admission is free, passes will be at 11 AM and 12 AM and the capacity is very limited. People interested in attending must write to