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    • The Venopian Solitude

      The Venopian Solitude

      San Simón SON Estrella Galicia Stage | 13:10
      The experimental sound and electropop from Malaysia is here. The Venopian Solitude is a project started a decade ago under the personal perspective of the singer Takara Suiko using the new online tools to edit and launch a very instrumentally original music. In 2016 she took part in the select Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. Takare Suiko will be one of the great revelations for the audience of Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia 2019 for sure. Without a doubt, this is music for the beating of hearts.
    • Gaye Su Akyol

      Gaye Su Akyol

      San Antón New Balance Stage | 14:20
      Singer and anthropologist Gaye Su Akyol arrives from Istambul with her psychedelic touch. The artist expands her music this summer in different European cities presenting her second album “Istikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir” (can be translated as A consistent fantasy is a reality) and her vision of Turkish rock seasoned with sounds of the arabesque culture. Gaye Su Akyol is a specialist of the Turkish music and culture with an already international audience even though she hasn’t considered including English language in her repertoire. She is convinced that people interested in her music have also an interest in the Turkish history and culture. Besides promoting her own label Dunganga Records, in 2017 she composed some soundtrack themes for the last film of Ferzan Özpetek “İstanbul Kırmızıs”.
    • Surma


      Buxos Fest Galicia Stage | 15:30
      Young Portuguese artist Débora Umbelino aka Surma shapes a unique dream world with her music. She combines strings, keyboards, effects, various sound recordings and sensuous vocals in ethereal melodies, guiding them across diverse electronic soundscapes. Her warm, intimate sonic blend brings to mind Björk or a more ambiental Imogen Heap. Surma has performed at all major Portuguese festivals and in Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. Her debut record, ‘"Antwerpen"  was considered one of the best records of the year in Europe. 
    • STUFF


      San Simón SON Estrella Galicia Stage | 16:40
      STUFF is considered responsible for the new Belgian jazz scene. An explosive band built around the percussionist Lander Gysenlinck harvesting an enormous success and is highly regarded after receiving awards, participating in the main festivals of their country and playing as guests in the renowned London jazz clubs. In 2017, they published their latest album to date “Old dreams new planets” followed by their signing in 2018 with the Manchester label Gondwana. They arrive in San Simon right after their performance at the Gent Jazz Festival 2019, (the cradle city of the Belgian Jazz) quite an event in their country.
    • Liniker e os Caramelows

      Liniker e os Caramelows

      San Antón New Balance Stage | 17:50
      Liniker e os Caramelows is a Brazilian band formed in 2015 in the city of Araraquara. Their first album “Remonta” and their new creation of Musica Preta Brasileira (MPB) in 2016 caught the attention of fans outside of Brazil. One year later, they will perform in Europe after success at the Primavera Sound 2017 festival with their mix of powerful themes looking for pure dance together with more reflexive, political and social songs such as “Sem Nome mas con Endereço” , tune about the meaning of being a transsexual woman in Brazil. Liniker Barros is the singer and songwriter. 2019 is the year their second album “Goela Abaixo” has been released. The band is formed by Liniker (leading voice), Rafael Barone (bass), William Zaharanszki, (guitar), Pericles Zuano (drums) Márcio Bortoloti (trumpeter) and Renata Éssis (choir voices).
    • Teleman


      Buxos Fest Galicia Stage | 19:00
      “Family of Aliens” is the title of the third álbum of the London band Teleman, the providers, in 2018, of music and colour to the campaign of the Swedish Brand Ikea with their theme “Repeater”. Pop, danceable and electronic themes with deep but always interesting lyrics are present with a strong dose of new wave in their album, together with the unique and bittersweet voice of Tom Sanders, an antidote for lovers of the happy paradise of melody. The band, created in 2012 out of the previous” Pete and the Pirates” is formed by Thomas Sanders, Jonny Sanders, Peter Cattermoul and Hiro Amamiya.
    • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

      Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

      San Simón SON Estrella Galicia | 20:00
      A soul diva at the San Simon Island with a mission: to gospel the audience. The project began at the time the musicians Onno Smith and Paul Willemsen were inquiring into the roots of Gospel and met Michelle David with whom they have already published three albums being the last one “Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions Vol. 3”. In this second European incursion, with 2018 previous stops in London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris they present an elegant live show with plenty of groove with the objective of making the audience celebrate their “love message”.
Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia line-up is secret. Since its first edition in 2003, the main commitment of Sinsal is to schedule artists that are starting their musical career or that show a big connection with the contemporary creation. Artists that go around other prestigious Spanish and Portuguese festivals: from jazz to world music, from rock to electronic music, Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia is a festival without complexes. For this reason, it proposes to the audience a secret line-up, a musical experience beyond concrete names.
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