What is it

Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia is one of the most singular European festivals (July 21-23, 2017). It takes place during the day at an island, San Simón, located on the spectacular Vigo estuary, and the audience can only arrive to the festival by taking the boats on charter to the organization. The trip to the island is the starting point of a unique experience. The other reason that makes Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia a new model of festival is the secret line-up. Yes, you read that right. The audience does not know the name of the artists until they enter the island. A line-up with references from the five continents, with the quality and capacity of surprising that characterize Sinsal, which only 800 people can enjoy each day.

The line up

Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia line-up is secret. Since its first edition in 2003, the main commitment of Sinsal is to schedule artists that are starting their musical career or that show a big connection with the contemporary creation. Some of these names landed a few years later in the big festivals and concert rooms from around the world. The experience of the promoter Sinsal, the singularity of the event and the natural area where it takes place are a seal of quality.
The majority of the programme consists of artists that go around other prestigious Spanish and Portuguese festivals: from jazz to world music, from rock to electronic music, Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia is a festival without complexes. For this reason, it proposes to the audience a secret line-up, a musical experience beyond concrete names.

How to arrive

The only way to reach Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival in San Simon Island (Redondela) is by boat chartered by the festival’s organization. There are two boarding points: Vigo’s Marine Station and Meirande (Redondela). When you buy the ticket to the Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia 2017 you can choose the departure harbor. The journey from Vigo to San Simon Island takes 1 hour and from Meirande takes 25 minutes.
Choose the best option according to your starting point and your means of transport. Meirande has a large free parking area.
Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia Festival has agreements with Iberia offering travel discounts if you come to the festival.
You could find Vigo’s Marine Station (Cánovas del Castillo Street, 3) in the center of the city. Boats to Cangas, to Moaña and to Cíes Islands leave from this point.
Meirande’s Museum (Redondela) is located at Rande Strait, what used to be Fábrica del Alemán, 10 kilometers from Vigo. Next we explain how to get there:
How to reach Meirande:

a) Along AP9 highway from Pontevedra:
1) You must cross Rande Bridge. 2) Then, take 151 AP9 exit (Teis-Chapela) towards N-552. 3) Take N-552 towards Redondela. 4) At Rande roundabout take N-552 towards Redondela. 5) Turn left from N-552 to Veirasa parking area (detour signposted by the festival’s organization).
b) From Vigo:
1) Take N-552 towards Chapela-Redondela. 2) At Rande roudabout take N-552 towards Redondela. 3) Turn left from N-552 to Veirasa parking area (detour signposted by the festival’s organization).
c) From Redondela:
1) Pass through Redondela and take N-552 towards Chapela-Vigo. 2) 500 metres before Rande roundabout (Rande Bridge), turn right from N-552 to Veirasa parking area (detour signposted by the festival’s organization).


We’ll publish all the info very soon. Stay tuned!


Get your discount on the following hotels:

AC Hotel Palacio Universal Vigo. 

From 100 euros double room and breakfast.  Mail reservation puniversal@ac-hoteles.com Email subject: Festival SinsalSonEG or calling +34 986 449 250 telephone number.

Hotel Bahía de Vigo. 

From 75 euros double room and breakfast. You can make the reservation sending an email to reservas@hotelbahiadevigo.es or calling 986 226 700 telephone number.

Festival staff recomends you book your accomodation as soon as possible cause rooms availability decreases during summertime.


You will find a large and exquisite gastronomic offer at the Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia 2017: vegetarian food, gluten free and vegan options are available. The week before the festival we will publish all the menus and their prices.
Just like with the other protected islands (Ons or Cíes Islands), we demand public cooperation with food and plastic packages, collecting and depositing any waste into each bin at the harbors in San Simon Island. If you prefer, you can bring your own food and your non-alcoholic drinks.
You will find pubs where you can drink Estrella Galicia beer, non-alcoholic drinks and delightful cocktails at the island.
The Festival’s office provides a lost property and cloakroom service.
If you have limited mobility, be sure to come to the festival. We are ready to receive you.


In addition to the program of concerts, Festival Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia proposes other activities to the public taking advantage of the daytime experience in this extraordinary place.
In previous editions parallel proposals included talks and meetings, samples of technological projects, videoclip and DJ workshops, kayak, traditional games, performances, etc, as well as some funny activities from our sponsors (beer tasting, sports shoes raffle).
We are working on a proposal of activities that finishes up your Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia experience. We will keep you informed in due course.

Past editions

El Guincho / Dan Deacon / Pegamonstro / We are match / Rangda / Marc Jonson / Eska / Matías Aguayo / Ryley Walker / Juana Molina / Ala.ni / Extraperlo / Sons of Kemet / Joan Miquel Oliver / Malandrómeda / Bixiga 70 / Domenique Dumont / Islam Chipsy / Nicolás Pastoriza / B Fachada / Best Boy / Skylar Gudasz

Sen Senra / Michael Rother / Maika Makowski / Jolie Holland / Champs / All We Are / Owen Pallet / The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band / Deerhoof / Astro / Chancha Vía Circuito / Sumrrá / THEESatisfaction / Camila Moreno

Throwing Shade / Xenia Rubinos / Oso Leone / Jagwa Music / Frikstailers / Bel Bee Bee / Jambinai / Chelsea Wolfe / Ginger & The Ghost / Jacco Gardner / Blam De Lam / Wire / Mdou Moctar / Why Go / Apenino / Caspervek / Trilitrate

Caxade / Triángulo de Amor Bizarro / Germán Díaz / Le Parody / Gravenhurst / Baden Baden / Stealing Sheep / Denis Jones / Lucía Riveiros / Rafa Yebra / Miniaturas de Granell

Hoquets / L´Enfance Rouge / Al-Madar / Maïa Vidal / Alela Diane / Christian Kjellvander / Aries / Nite Jewel / Unicornibot / Alt-J / Shangaan Electro

Bflecha / 2uS / Mwëslee / Jane Joyd / Wooden Wand / Buke and Gass / Múrmel Bruxas / The Marzipan Man / The Kellies / Fat 32 / Laetitia Velma / Secret Chiefs